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Welcome to the "Molecular Confinement and Catalysis" group (ECMC) Website. The group is located in the "Le Bel" building of the Chemistry Institute of Strasbourg (UMR 7177) at the University of Strasbourg and is headed by Prof. Dominique Armspach. We are a multidisciplinary group who deals with various topics revolving around macrocyclic chemistry, in particular cyclodextrins. Our main objectives are focused on finding new ways of functionalizing cyclodextrins in a regioselective manner, the synthesis of cyclodextrin-based ligands and the study of their coordination properties, the use of cyclodextrin derivatives as catalysts for both transition metal-catalyzed and organocatalytic reactions and the use of metallocyclodextrins for photophysical applications.

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Equipe Confinement Moléculaire et Catalyse (ECMC)
Université de Strasbourg
4, rue Blaise Pascal
CS 90032
Tel :++ 33 3 688 51621