The Armspach Group

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Dominique Armspach (born in 1965) is full professor in Organic Chemistry at the Robert Schuman Institute of Technology of the University of Strasbourg. After completing his engineer’s degree (Diplôme d’ingénieur chimiste) at the ENSC-Mulhouse and a short stay in industry from 1988 to 1990 (Atochem Deutschland, Bonn, Germany), he joined Sir Prof. J. F. Stoddart’s laboratory at the University of Birmingham (UK) to carry out his PhD on catenated cyclodextrins. In 1994, he was appointed assistant at the university of Basle (Switzerland), where he was introduced to inorganic chemistry by Professors E. C. Constable and C. Housecroft, working on oligopyridine/carborane and oligopyridine/fullerene hybrids. In 1996, he took on a lectureship at his current location where he was promoted full professor in 2007. Since his appointment at the University of Strasbourg, D. Armspach has dedicated his research activities to the synthesis of metallocavitands and the study of their supramolecular, coordination and catalytic properties. He is also one of the most recognized specialists in cyclodextrin functionalization. D. Armspach is the author of 64 scientific papers (Hirsch factor of 22).